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Long strong legs. Beautiful posture. Always supportive.


I have a deep love for chairs. Ones that resemble royalty, all upholstered sitting in a pompous dining room. Ones that are shabby, kicked to the curb like orphans. Even ones that molest you, enveloping your entire body, almost creating a sense of suffocation. I love them all.

Yesterday night  I had the privilege to see the premiere of Eames: The Painter & The Artist.

I’m not going to lie… I walked into the film thinking that Charles & Ray Eames were brothers. WRONG. They were lovers. The documentary unravelled the inner workings of the evolution of the Eames business and its legacy. In a synchronous manner, it detailed the development of their designs juxtaposing the societal context with the intimate journey of Charles & Ray Eames relationship.

At times, it felt a little too personal. I felt like I was watching Charles & Ray through their living room window. Catching glimpses of their most private moments. It was honest and at times quite confronting.

Ray Eames was a strong women. I firmly believe she was the brains behind the success of Eames furniture. Despite her being in Charles shadow, her eccentric and pedantic nature is what gave Eames designs their ‘edge’.

I definitley recommend you to borrow it on DVD.

Eames chairs are truly timeless. They are synonymous with good design. They transcend style, culture and social context – with the ability to assimilate into any space. They naturally command attention, without being ‘attention-seeking’.

One day it is my dream to own one!

(Image via apenthus.blogspot.com)

The famous lovers! Oh, so cute!

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(Image via LoneArrangers Tumblr)

This has to be my favourite picture! Very magical.

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Actually no, this one is my favourite. Combination of my two favourite things – tribal rug with Eames chair. Really proves the timelessness of Eames designs .

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Another beauty.

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From 20kvadrat.se

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I love Eames Chairs…but perhaps not this much!

I’ve decided that I am going to draw/paint a series of Eames Chairs…it will do…FOR NOW!