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I have a problem.

I just love objects that have been ‘kicked to the curb’.

I went through a stage where I couldn’t go for a walk without coming home with a pre-loved item that had been sitting on the curb.

It was when I lived back home with mum & dad. Admittedly, bought home some pretty weird items – A family portrait (of some stranger’s family)….It had a nice frame! The inside of an old television…I wanted to transform it into a cool installation art piece. A wooden shipping palette…I wanted to create a table. Sadly, none of these ‘creative aspirations’ ever came into fruition. Instead, I was just yelled at; “Nix, if you bring one more piece of junk inside this house…..we are kicking you to the curb”. Ouch.

Over the years, I have learnt to control my urge. I can’t really explain why…. but I am drawn to pre-loved sofas, cabinets, shelves etc which are kicked to the curb. I almost feel sorry for them. They were once so loved…a part of the interior. Now, they have now been deemed ‘useless’. Either waiting for the council clean up…or for someone else to rescue them. Seeing abandoned household furniture and objects, are a catalyst for my mind to embark on some bizarre imaginative journey; Who sat on that couch? What items have been stored in those drawers? What was watched on that TV?

It’s just like an informal sidewalk orphanage. You will never know the exact history of pre-loved object, but sometimes you just have a ‘connection’ with an object and learn to love it, like it has always been you own.

Ok, I know….I probably sound like a crazy person.

Yesterday as I was walking up the street….I spotted a gorgeous wire planter.  I have been wanting one for ages. It was definitely a sign. It looked so cute and lonely…just chillin’ out on the curb. Waiting to get picked up by an old council truck. I couldn’t handle the thought of this little planter being landfill.


nikita sheth

So….I rescued it. Next weekend, I am going to give it the ultimate makeover. I will spray it either gold or black…from CURB to SUPERB!!!

In the 1970s indoor plants were all the rage and in recent times they have definitely made a comeback.  Indoor plants needs to be used appropriately, otherwise they can literally transform your interior space into a scene reminiscent of Fern Gully on the Jungle Book. It is important to keep it simple and not crowd the space too much. Interesting shape leaves teamed with a cute pot is the perfect way to freshen up a lifeless space (plus having indoor plants is apparently very healthy!).

Check out some of these cute planters below…

indoor plant

(Image via Fab)

indoor planter

(Image via scandinaviandeko.com)


indoor planter

(Image via Homed It)


(Image via Nitzan Cohen)(

indoor plant

(Image via Pinterest)


indoor plant

(Image via Liz Marie) 


indoor plant

(Image via Etsy)


indoor plant

(Image via Etsy)

I am SO excited to give my little orphan wire planter a make over…and then buy a plant to fill him with!

Happy Sunday night!

N x