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Valentine’s day has arrived.  Yes, it has essentially become a commercial marketing scheme and yes and yes…everyday should be ‘valentine’s day’ when you are in love…. but in all honesty, I’m not going to reject a bunch of flowers or a box of chocolates (hint, hint)! Whilst I may not totally understand the historical context of Valentine’s Day, deep down I am a self-confessed romantic & I will embrace any excuse to celebrate love.

The ‘heart’ shape is a ubiquitous symbol that represents love and has become synonymous with Valentine’s Day.

The heart shape sneaks itself into interior design & decoration more often than you think…see below for some ‘lovespiration’!

Hot! The bold print against the brick wall combined with Danish-inspired furniture is stunning.

(Image via  houzz)

I might try this one myself.

(image via From csilfverling)

I am a HUGE fan of post-it-notes. Greatest invention ever. Hot pink post-it notes…even better. Love. Love. Love this.

(image via holyshitloveyou)

Embrace the heart shape and see what you can create with it!