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I am a battler.

I freely admit it.

I do not mean this in a self-depricating way.   just seem to battle, through life a little.

Here are some examples. Just last week;

  • My drink bottle leaked in my handbag ….3 times…in 48 hours.
  • My entire bottle of tea tree oil spilt on my phone…whilst I slept. Woke up to a small BP oil spill on my beside table.
  • I accidently signed off a work email…”Look forward to touching you” – I forgot the words ‘base’ & ‘with’ after ‘touching’ (It was to a 60 year old male client). Epic mistake. Highly embarrassing.

Little did I know that the weekend was about to reveal my Number 1 ‘Battler Moment’ of 2013 thus far.

To celebrate the ANZAC day weekend, a group of us (my friends who I met on a Fishing Derby earlier this year…. don’t ask) ventured to Morning Peninsula in Melbourne to go ….. ‘Tree Surfing’.  It is essentially, is a high ropes school camp activity .. on steroids.

It was 100% pure G-rated fun. Ok, maybe 98% G-rated, as the harness was a little ‘handsy’!

At first, I was pretty nervous. I was laughing on the outside…but inside I was crying with fear. As my confidence gradually began to build, I decided that I was going to tackle the ‘Tarzan Swing’.

It was by far the scariest swing in the whole course. It high…very high. It was not for the amateur ‘tree-surfer’.It required a free falling jump off a platform and the co-ordination to catch a net on the otherside. With my (false) sense of confidence….I thought I had it I the bag. I was all set up and I jumped off the platform……

Battler 101.

Instead of reaching and holding on for the net on the other side, I grabbed it… and let go…

Huge mistake.

I was now stuck. In no-mans land. Between the platform and the net. It took me a moment to realise what had happened…then I heard the laughter. I looked up, my friends and other random bystanders were holding their stomachs laughing.


nikita sheth


(Yep that is me…just hangin’ out…whilst everyone looked on)

It was not funny. I had the biggest wedgie of my life.

The instructor told me to do breaststroke toward the net. With vigour, I pretended I was in a pool. Little did I know…he was taking the piss. Breaststroke was not going to get me anywhere. Only something like this could happen to a pure battler. (Note: The instructor helped me get down, after the amusement had died off). Meanwhile, some days later I still have brusing and the aftermath of harness chaffing. Not pretty.

Jokes aside – I loved the feeling of being so high up. My mind drifted to tree house design and the integration of ropes and even swings into interiors.

Here is a round up of some design inspiration, derived from my experience of ‘tree-surfing’.



(Image via  dreamingthefreshairdream.tumblr.com)



(Image via finetingogsjokolade.blogspot.no)

treehouse design

(Image via Media)


tree house


(Image via weheartit.com)


treehouse design


(Image via waveavenue.com)

rope light

(Image via Etsy)

treehouse design


Yes! That is a caravan in the tree…awesome.

(Image via Media)



(Image via weheartit.com)


(Image via dreamingthefreshairdream.tumblr.com)

rope light

(Image via etsy.com)

Ok, I’m off …..battlerville awaits!

N x

nikita sheth