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Like most girls, there is a certain time of the month where I can only be described as ‘moody’. During this time, you will usually find me on the couch hugging a tear and share (I never share) pack of Peanut M&M’s and watching ‘Love Actually’ (multiple times, sometimes in carious languages just to change it up).

I know this sounds very cliché…but…it’s the truth.

Moods are quite elusive. They are abstract. Usually described in over-used adjectives. Bad mood. Sad mood. Happy mood. Playful mood. They are in constant flux – much of the time dependent on external situation and circumstance.

During my Interior Design course this year, I have learnt that a key part of creating interiors is about creating a certain ‘mood’ or aspect. Done through colour, positioning, materials, textures, patterns etc. I have had to create many mood boards based on a specific client brief.

One thing on my list of things to do is create a personal ‘inspiration’ board – unlike  amood board which used to convey a certain specific type of mood – I want this board to be an accumulation of all things that excite me.

However, increasingly I have seen a trend for ‘inspiration boards’. These collages of assorted images, quotes, patterns are used to spark inspiration and in return, collectively these random bits and pieces can quite powerfully create (or even change) the mood.

Not only do they possess an emotional connection, but I believe they are also uphold a unique aesthetic & can look rather striking when applied in the right space. It is quite confronting to display your inspiration board for guests to see – but then again I think it unlocks and communicates your sense of style, personal taste and value.

Here are a few of my favourites:

(Image via femina.dk)

(Image via  witanddelight.tumblr.com)

(Image via  highway-design.blogspot.com)


(Image via  ognjiste.blogspot.com)


(Image via desiretoinspire.net)

(Image via decor8blog.com)


(Images via  frenchbydesign.blogspot.com)


(Image via fortheloveofgold.blogspot.com)



(Image via  myidealhome.tumblr.com)


(Image via littlebitsoflovely.blogspot.com)

Hopefully this has inspired you a little!

Happy Sunday.

N x