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Ordinary objects get forgotten. They get abused. They get neglected. We only value their for their function. The safety pin. The needle. The bull dog clip. They do their job…..but if you take a closer look, they do so much more.

Some ordinary objects take on unique forms…think of the good old paperclip – once it is unfolded, it is almost impossible to recreate its shape. Some ordinary objects can have interesting shadows….think of the beach umbrella. Some ordinary shapes have unlimited potential… think about the shoe lace.

Anyways…all this re-assessment of the ordinary has arisen from the coolest keychain I bought yesterday…

…(apologies for the lame photo – if you cant see its a giant safety pin!)

I love the way these sculptures give a whole new perspective to everyday objects and illuminate details that people would have otherwise not noticed.

All the below sculptures have been created by Claes Oldenburg. He is a Swedish sculptor, best known for his public art installations typically featuring very large replicas of everyday objects.

large stationary stamp

(Image via Modernmet)

Everyday enlarged object

Image via Modernmet)

Everyday object saw

Image via Modernmet)


Image via Modernmet)

Image via Modernmet)

Large clothes peg

Image via Modernmet)

 So next time you pick up your pen…take a closer look & imagine it BIG!!!