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I am currently sourcing paint sample chips for my latest assessment in Application of Foundational colour theory.

SInce I was a child, I have always been mesmerised by the rainbow display of paint chips in Bunnings. Admittedly, I went a little overboard on sourcing paint sample chips. I became a little paranoid as I pocketed a lot of samples…looking overhead for any sign of a CCTV camera, in fear that I would be escorted out of Bunnings.

Luckily, this did not happen. Instead, in the safety of my living room as I layout all my treasure¬†(ie. paint sample chips) realising I had been WAY too greedy….I stumbled across this amazing site with innovative ideas on what to do with those left over paint chips.

All the images below are from brokeandhealthy (click the title link to see more fantastic DIY ideas)

Such a lovely way to brighten up any room.

You’ll be the coolest kid in town with these rainbow bike wheels!

Definitely going to be making this calendar …but in a yellow tonal scheme.

Colour. Colour. Colour. What a gorgeous pinboard! The focal point of any room.

An innovative way to brighten up a white wall.

Turning paint chips into a pixelated artwork. You use your image editor to increase the pixelation on your own image & then use paint chips to match the colours.

This is a great DIY idea. If you don’t permanently glue the paint chips down- you can change the colours once every so often, to allow your interior colour pallet to ‘evolve’!

Hope I have provided you with some inspiration….if you don’t have any paint chips – raid Bunnings on your next visit…just don’t mention Distracted by Design!!!