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50 years old.

BUT only 12 birthday’s….

1 in 1461 chance….

Yes, my mum is born on the 29th of February – a leap year baby.

As a result she (forces) us to celebrate her birthday for 7 days (not even joking – it is like an Indian wedding each year)

I am aware that I talk about my mum waaayyy too much..but it is secretly because I find her really ‘cool’. I love her boho-style (I will choose her wardrobe to ‘raid’ over my sisters anyway). I love her passion for life. I love her creative spirit. I love her generosity.

nikita sheth


(Mum and her 3 gals….)

10 Fun facts about my ma…

1. She goes crazy for tiramisu and marzipan.

2. She is completely tone deaf.

3. She was a vegetarian and did not drink alcohol….until she met my dad.

4. She loves her art studio – it is her happy place

5. She can eat a jar of aioli in one sitting – I wish I was joking…it kind of makes me sick watching her.

6. She has an impeccable knowledge of current affairs

7. She likes to watch Bold & Beautiful…and has been doing so for over 20 years.

8. She can’t move her tongue properly after eating ice-cream…it freezes up.

9. She has never drunk milk in her life.

10. She can shake her hips like Shakira (she goes crazy on a dance floor)

Next week she is having a solo exhibition ‘Asurya’ at ALL are invited to the OPENING NIGHT!!!

Sheffer Gallery, DarlingtonĀ 

Wednesday 5th March at 6pmĀ 

It will stay open for 2 weeks.


Her work is a convergence of her own spiritual and physical experiences. She explores the omnipresence and omnipotence of deities, within both the physical (ie. Indian temples) and imaginative space (ie. human mind). There is an application of tribal embellishment and visual decoration upon each of the spirits. Mum’s method of painting is very intuitive and itself a spiritual journey!

Here is a sneak preview.

panchali sheth 1470381_182084945322707_847430844_n 1476495_182085815322620_1468652742_n panchali sheth panchali sheth


My gosh is she talented.