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Power naps. I have a love-hate relationship. I love entering them…but hate when I awake. I suffer from nap-rage. When I get up from a power nap..I immediately need sugar (probably signs of some sort of pre-diabetes or something) and I am always cranky. They never last long enough.

Power naps are best when they are not in your bed – the couch, a sun bed, a neighbours reclining chair.

Signs of a good powernap – a small puddle of dribble & crease marks (preferably on your face). I believe the optimal time for power naps is 22 minutes. Also, power naps somehow always are better in summer – when its hot outside and you have a fan on your face…

Look what I found below – would love to have a power nap on some of the pillows below….

Pillows don’t have to be boring soft, rectangles…

Ostrich pillow – seriously you can sleep anywhere…

(Image via Design Swan)

Alarm clock pillow – so innovative. genius.

(Image via Design Swan)

The pillow wig – I want one…

(Image via Trend Hunter)

The ultimate break-up pillow.

(Image via Design Swan)

This one is a little creepy…haha

(image via  Centro Architecure)

(image via  Centro Architecure)

‘Study’…yeah right.

Image via Design Swan)

It’s a saturday night – I’m sipping on a wine…this post  is making me kind of drowzy…..better go put on some ‘beats’ to regain some energy!