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At 2 years old I cut my head open….trying to ride a bicycle down the stairs.

At 25 years old I was centimetres from being wiped out by a double decker bus….trying to ride a bicycle down the Champs Elysee.

Lesson learnt. I am not supposed to ride bicycles. That however, does not mean I can not appreciate their form & design. I love the shape of the bicycle. Radial focus paired with definitive lines -design perfection.

I’ve noticed the increasing trend regarding the ‘coolness’ of bicycles. They are becoming symbolic of a certain minimalist/creative/indie lifestyle. Bicycles are egalitarian vehicles. The adoption of  ‘communal bike’ schemes (replicating that in European countries) is becoming prevalent within some Australian cities (namely Melbourne). This reinforces the community & social nature of bicycles.

Bicycles are not limited to the road.

Check out some of these amazing ideas to upcycle your bicycle once it retires from the road.

(Image via Bicycle basecamp)

Truly obsessed with the contrast of the hot pink tiling with the bright yellow bike. Absolutley stunning.

(Image via Tumblr ‘Yes!)

Bike against white. Classic.

(Image via Amanda Joy)

Bike as a room divider – A too bit quirky for me, but definitely adds another dimension to the room!

(Image via UrbanOutfitters)

Think before selling your old bicycle on gumtree or at a garage sale – you never know…with a little styling, it could be your next feature piece!