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My bf is a sneaker freaker. He collects kicks, pumps, high-tops.

Upon moving into the apartment, prior to getting a couch, a table and even a fridge, he ensured that he had bought…. an IKEA  shoe cupboard.  He has ‘generously’ allowed his brother & I  to keep x2 pairs of shoes in the cupboard…and sneaker freaker gets the rest of space (NB:- Majority of his collection remains at his parents house, due to lack of storage space).

Made me think of ways shoes can be displayed – both in the domestic and commercial space….

Yigal Azrouël‘s  vintage locker used to store shoes, what a fab idea! Not only can it neatly store away shoes, but could work well within a myraid of different interior styles – from rustic to electic…

The shoe store, Sneakerology displays their shoes in separate plywood shadow boxes with backlighted numbers. This was designed by  Facet Studio and was created to reflect the brand name ‘Sneaker-o-ology’ – with the separate boxes & numbering system creating a parallel between the sneakers with that of museum artefacts. So so clever!

I am sure  it would be the ultimate dream for my sneaker freaker (Note:- Whilst I’m around this is not going to happen…)

(Image  via Dezeen)

Shoe sculpture – So cool….but nope, sneaker freaker can’t have this one either!

(Image via Eukicks)

Ok – I’m over looking at sneakers – here are some for the girls…don’t let your beautiful shoes hide in the closet!

(Image via Yigal Azrouel)

(Image via Flickr)

Room for boots. Genius.

(Images via Arianbelle)

‘Boot’ out the china – these baby’s are more precious!

(Image via  Love Nest Project)

Photo snapshots (polaroids would look cool) attached to shoe boxes – easily identifiably and aesthetically awesome – win-win!

(Image via Ariannebelle)

Admittedly, sneaker freaker has WAY more shoes than me…and mine aren’t all that pretty to put on display. Still…where are your shoes hiding? If you have a pretty pair, don’t be shy, put them on display.