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 Juicy. Sappy. Fleshy. Lush. No, I am not referring to my bootilicious  booty….but instead the less famous cousin of the cacti – the succulent.

Of late, I have had an obsession with succulents. Especially when placed in clear glass vases. I am drawn to succulents primarily because of their shape and form. There is something so sensual about their fleshy, hardy ‘leaves’. They possess an innate calming quality – I could honestly stare at my succulent for hours…ok, maybe not hours – but atleast good 7 minutes.

Succulents can add warmth and colour into any lifeless corner. They are also versatile and slip easily into a modern or more traditional space. Succulents can range from green to purple in colour.

Ok, so admittedly I didn’t obtain my succulent from an honest source. I may have helped myself to a ‘clipping’ from a neighbors front garden. I still feel so guilty – It was close to 11pm, I was dressed like a licorice stick (all black) and literally crawled down the street …. it is probably the most rebellious thing I have done in a while. No joke. Come on….I was in the choir for 13 years – what do you expect?

I don’t have the best track record in keeping plants alive, so they are perfect for me – very low maintenance. I don’t even need to water it…it just sits there, in its water….growing and growing. So cute!

Here is my succulent plant (I placed it in a glass water bottle)….

succulent design

Check out some sexy succulent inspiration……


(Image via Style Me Pretty)



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(Image via Man Made Daily)




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(Image via Pinterest) 

So what do you think? Do you agree? Aren’t succulents just so sexy!

Happy Sunday Night.

N x