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I’ve just completed my first colour field chart (will upload if/when I pass, as it is yet to be marked) – I had to identify the complimentary colours within the picture & then paint the various corresponding tones.

Upon completing it, I have become obsessed with teal. It’s a colour that Jennifer Lopez’s character described in the movie ‘ The Wedding Planner’ as “the color of gangrene”. I disagree, as it I believe it is a colour that possesses infinite possibilities.

For me, teal is a rich tone that evokes images of majestic jewels, oceans depth, the necks of ducks! It is somewhere between turquoise, aqua and peacock…

With the images below, I hope to inspire (and change the mind) of anyone who  holds the same disgust for the colour teal as JLo’s character.

This room is a little to visually ‘busy’ for me, however it displays the way teal can be used as the main colour (ie. as opposed to an accent) very well.

(Image via StyleEstate)

(Image via Creatures Comfort Blog)

Teal is the perfect colour to spice up your kitchen or living area. Just a touch of teal can be added through pendant lighting, trims, a feature chair or even a splashback in the kitchen.

OK – maybe a bit more turquoise than teal, but I am officially in love with this reading room. I could spend hours in there…

(Image via Tumblr)

(Image via Paper Room)

A stunning damask print wallpaper by Graham & Brown. Teal is a bit of a nomadic colour- riding  between blue and green. I love teal as it is unusual enough to bring visual attention, yet does not take away the spotlight from other furnishings.

(Image via Gap Interiors)

It works so well with other colours – bright green, reds, oranges, beiges, dark browns….it all works. By pairing with brighter colours, it creates an almost retro feel.

Love the high ceiling (all of which is in teal).

(Image via Little Blue Deer)

(Image via Home Portfolio)

But…paired with a  ‘pop’ of deep magenta …it becomes reminisicent of a Maharaja’s palace in India !

(Image via Weheartit)

This chair is just fabulous – works so beautifully with the canary yellow).