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Is is the small things that really make me happy & content.

These ‘small things’ change from time to time…depending on my state of mind, the season, the people in my life etc.

I will update this sporadically, but here are 7 things which are currently making me really happy…

  1. Learning to weave – on my cute frame loom
  2. Eating Kale Chips (with lots of salt & chilli flakes)
  3. Listening to Old School R’n’B mixes
  4. Swimming laps (I am definitely become more ‘buoyant’ with age)
  5. Collecting succulents (Succulent Safari’s!)
  6. Learning new Hip Hop dance moves off Youtube (and…sometimes video recording them) – Mahalo is my virtual boyfriend – Check him out here
  7. Reading my horoscopes (I am on the Cancer-Leo cusp – so I read both and then choose which one i like better)