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Heater On. Ugg boots On. Hot Chocolate..in my belly.
Yes, winter has arrived. I can’t complain because
A) I don’t live in…XXX (coldest place to live in the world).
B) I have a heater & a roof over my head
C) I have black hair which apprently keeps warmth in…(or so they say
But still, I am definitley feeling the winter chill…
I wish I lived where it snowed…there is something so magical and aesthetically appealing about it.
I will celebrate the beauty of snow as it gently falls upon cute winter houses – by sharing these images with you…
Absolutley magical. A solitary house in the middle of winter wonderland.
(Image via nhit-shis.org)
Incandecent lighting – provides a gooey, warm feel. Love those bookshleves as well.
A glass house – giving the sense that you are ‘unprotected’ from natures elements.
(Image via lushfabglam.com)
I love the geometric lines against the stark white backdrop – simplicity at its best.
Ok off to make myself a hot chocolate….on the stove ofcourse!